Marine Services

Marine Services

CSM is one of the leading marine services providers in the world, leading the way in technical maintenance and support and crew services. Our services are flexible and provide value, giving you confidence that your vessel and crew are fully supported.

We believe that scale is important and we seek to leverage our scale as the market leader to the benefit of our customers. Our scale enables us to attract and invest in the development of the best talent in our industry. We aim to be a highly reputable employer and provider of crew as ultimately people are the most important and valuable part of our business model.
Shipping is a global business and our geographic reach enables us to be responsive to our customers’ needs wherever their vessels are in the world and in any time zone. Our industry can be unpredictable and the flexibility to respond quickly and professionally when the need arises is critical.
The marine industry is increasingly dependent upon technology to deliver efficient, safe and environmentally friendly operations. Our operating model represents decades of investment and our scale allows us to continue to invest in the latest technology. Scale makes us an ideal technology partner driving innovation into our business to the benefit of our customers.


A good ranking in the OCIMF/SIRE Database is an essential tool for independent owners of tanker vessels in order to ensure employment for their vessels.

A Pre-vetting Inspection can help minimising or even eliminating the risk of negative observations during a SIRE Vetting, thus maintaining a low observation score in the database.
During a Pre-vetting Inspection, we visit the vessel and perform an in-depth inspection covering all areas on board in relation to the SIRE Vetting programme with special focus on the latest Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) in order to prepare the vessel for an upcoming vetting.
The overall objective is to identify any deficiencies which, according to the inspector’s experience, are likely to cause a negative response during a SIRE Vetting.
During the inspection the crew responsible for the various departments on board are given on the spot guidance in order to prepare them best possible for a vetting.
The vessel Operator is provided with a detailed report with recommendations not later than 48 hours after completion of the Pre-vetting Inspection. The Master is provided with a summary and guidance prior to the inspector leaving the vessel.


We do in depth inspection following our checklist to cover whole ship. Our global team of inspectors are trained to look at the overall safe working condition of a vessel and whether it adheres to industry best practices. The list of deficiencies and recommendations provided to an owner/ship at the conclusion of the inspection is not a definitive list on all matters requiring attention, but provides a list of examples that present an overall impression about the management of the vessel. The benefit of a RightShip inspection accrues across all customers and is typically undertaken at the discharge port to minimise disruption to the vessel. Pre inspection usually will take two working days.

Navigational Audit

The biggest risk facing a ship owner is a major navigational incident in spite of the fact that the techniques for safe navigation are well known. When these techniques are professionally executed, navigational risks are reduced. The biggest risk facing a ship owner is a major navigational incident in spite of the fact that the techniques for safe navigation are well known. When these techniques are professionally executed, navigational risks are reduced.
Navigational audits are a requirement of TMSA and becoming more and more common in other trades e.g. bulk carriers and other vessels.
Risk Management and auditing are used as tools to monitor and/or improve individual skills as well as those of the whole bridge team. Improvements to existing Safety Management Systems can also be identified within such an audit.
Navigational audits by CMS assesses the navigational procedures on board in order to identify risks and areas that need attention for improvement.
Reporting is comprehensive and includes a full assessment of navigational performance, with positives and negatives highlighted and clear recommendations made in line with best practice. We can supply our own format adjusted to the circumstances of the audit, or follow a specified/provided format.

Cargo Survey

The company conducts cargo condition surveys for all kinds of vessels at the request of Ship owners, Managers, P&I clubs, Claim Handling companies, etc.

Type of cargo surveys performed: Cargo condition surveys, pre-shipment cargo condition, pre-discharging cargo condition, cargo damage surveys, volume measurement, etc.

Cargo Condition surveys

Ascertaining the condition of the cargo by visual inspection

Damage surveys

Ascertaining the probable cause, nature and extent of the damage to a certain commodity. The survey does not include any calculation in respect of the amounts involved.

Pre-discharge surveys

Ascertaining the condition of the cargo by visual inspection conducted in the ship’s holds before commencement of discharge. The survey is aiming to identify potential damage sustained by the cargo during the sea passage caused by seawater ingress, improper stowage, insufficient lashing, inadequate packing, etc.

P&I Steel Pre-shipment survey

Survey performed at the request of the P&I Clubs, Owners or Managers. Includes also visual inspection of the cargo prior to loading by written recommendations handed to the ship’s master in respect of the remarks that, in surveyor’s opinion, reflect the apparent condition of the cargo.

Supervising Tallying

Ascertaining the number of units loaded or discharged on / from board. The survey will ascertain the number of units handled. The number of pieces in the packing units (i.e. re-bars in bundles, pipes in crates or cases, bags inside sling bags, etc.) as well as the weight and quality shall be stated according to shippers declaration.

Ship survey

The company performs a broad range of ship surveys such as: bunker surveys, draught surveys, displacement calculations, on/off hire condition surveys, P&I pre-entry or follow-up condition surveys, holds’ inspections, hatch covers water tightness hose tests, sealing/un-sealing of cargo spaces or containers, etc.

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