LNG Ship Management

CSM provides comprehensive ship management and crewing services to LNG vessel owners. As a global leader, we have unrivalled industry knowledge of managing LNG vessels, combined with vast experience at sea and ashore with propulsion type vessels such as MOSS, Steam, MEGI, DFDE and TFDE.

Our track record for safety and compliance is important to our seafarers, shore staff and customers alike. This has allowed us to keep excellent working relationships with Oil Majors at all levels within the organisation whilst maintaining vettings and positive vetting clearance.

Our experience in providing skilled LNG crew has enabled us to develop a robust LNG crewing framework. As the global LNG fleet expands rapidly over the next decade, transfer of LPG management and seafaring experience will prove vital to facilitate this growth. As a leading third-party manager of LPG vessels, CSM is in a strong position to support the growth of the global LNG fleet, with an established network of LPG officers ready to be up-skilled to crew LNG vessels.

With a strong safety culture based on tanker management in order to comply with increasing requirements from LNG assets, our expert teams consistently supply management and vital support services for your vessels and crew in the LNG market. Your vessel, our responsibility.

In addition, our comprehensive dedicated LNG training programme supports the development of our crew, providing the right skills and competencies to operate LNG vessel operations. Consistency is key in vessel operations, and we are fully committed to retaining and investing in our people.

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