Lay-up Management

What is lay-up management?

In times of extreme unfavorable market conditions for some segments of the shipping industry, it is the best economic option for ship owners to lay-up their assets.
There are two different ways to lay-up vessels: respectively, cold and hot lay-ups. Whilst both lay-up options preserve the operational capability and the safety of the vessel, the cold lay-up will preserve the machinery and the instruments for a longer period, typically more than 6 months, and hence demands a longer time for reactivation, typically 7 to 14 days. The hot lay-up preserves the machinery and instruments by keeping them switched on frequently and demands a shorter period of inactivity with the vessel being anchored in a safe place and kept in a fully operational state.

CSM lay-up management solutions

CSM has expertise in providing efficient lay-up management services across all segments of the maritime industry, including Leisure, Offshore and Cargo segments. With our established and integrated services, we can assist with and manage lay-up. We provide hot and cold lay-up solutions by trained professionals and will ensure your assets are kept in safe hands as well as facilitating cost-efficient reactivation.

Reactivation of a vessel after having been laid-up is a task that requires efficient planning and preparation in order to avoid any damage to the machinery or failure of the equipment on board. Special care must be placed with ensuring the vessel operates efficiently when back in trade to avoid any off hire.

Based on our client’s requirements, we offer customised lay-up solutions, according to class and insurance guidelines. A full maintenance plan as well as a comprehensive assessment of requirements for the lay-up as well as the reactivation will be provided.

Should you decide that lay-up is a solution for your vessels, then CSM can assist you with the necessary cost estimates for the various solutions to support your requirements.

What to expect from CSM hot and cold lay-ups

Capella Planned Maintenance System for Ships – ship PMS

Cold lay-up

- Safe preservation of your vessel
- Safe anchorage at your identified location under strict supervision
- Optimal crew solutions to meet your needs
- Vessel maintained in optimum condition
- Opportunities for cost-effective repair or maintenance jobs
- Well planned and executed reactivation safeguarding up-time

Hot lay-up

- Safe preservation of your vessel
- Minimum safe manning to maintain the vessel
- Lay-up according to class and insurance guidelines
- Operational cost optimized during lay-up, with minimal cost for reactivation
- Well planned and executed reactivation safeguarding up-time
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